Want to test your team on their threat preparedness?Ask about our security simulation.

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Want to test your team on their threat preparedness? Ask about our Webroot security simulation.

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I Need Secure Email Capabilities

Email is essential to your daily communications, but it’s also the main portal for spam and unwanted intruders. You need an email solution that allows you to transfer information without worrying about security breaches.

Azul Services defends your email – and business – from cyberattacks and threats. Our email security solutions add a layer of safety between you and criminals itching to gain access to your business or client information. Plus, we train your team on email security best practices to keep your confidential information protected and help you meet compliance.

Benefits of Email Security Solutions & Management

  • Protect from spam, malware and phishing scams
  • Secure inboxes with superior backup and recovery
  • Integrate Office 365 and Outlook tools
  • Improve uptime and server support
  • Package emails with eDiscovery

Communicate confidentially with a secure email solution.